Custom Abstract Proposal Painting

Custom Abstract Proposal Painting


Add this to your proposal story!

| An exclusive collaboration with Rachel Wadlow Art |

Celebrate the beauty of your love with a one of a kind abstract painting, inspired by your photograph. This is truly a one of a kind way to remember a Moment: the day you met, your first date, or anything that is special to you. Think of it as an impression of the colors, textures, and emotion of your Moment - through the lens of Rachel's art. This custom painting is created on a gallery style paper in a gold frame - for a contemporary feel and no-fuss hanging.


The Little Details:


  • A custom abstract painting inspired by your photo. (*Note: print of your original photo is not included. It is only in example photos to show the comparison.)

  • Size: 11x14” on paper

  • Includes a gold frame with dimensions of 20.4 inches (L) x 16.4 inches (W) x .8 inches (D)

  • Painting will be sealed with a UV protective coating to ensure preservation.


  • After you complete your purchase, you will be contacted via email by Rachel within 24 hours - and from there you can talk about your painting.

  • Please have at least 2 photos of your Moment ready to send to her via email.


  • Please allow 2-3 weeks of production time before your painting ships.

Priscilla’s Proposal Planning Tip:

Sometimes the most pivotal moments in relationships are the most difficult to describe. You can tell your story, but only you have truly lived and experienced the way love has impacted your life. Have this painting created to bring forth the raw emotions from one of your most memorable times in your relationship and to keep as an heirloom after to cherish forever.


Hang this painting next to your photo in the same place it was taken (or in their favorite art gallery). Walk through the memory together again and drop down on one knee behind her!

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