Proposal Planning Packages

What Makes Us Different?

What makes our proposal planning packages and ideas different is that we FULLY personalize everything down to the smallest details. We aren’t worried about what’s been done before, and we aren’t trying to sell you a pre-made idea. Everything we create is made for your storyline.

Why Do little details matter?

In our everyday lives we have attention to detail. You might color code your notes, only write with a Pilot G2 pen, or even ensure you’re not late for the next meeting. We cannot operate companies, restaurants or events without the little details. Our mission, is to redefine what romance is about. Romance is the little details personal to your storyline.

What We Offer

Proposal Designs


Proposal Coordination


Full Proposal Package



The Hopeful Romantic Events will donate unused florals to Repeat Roses for others in need of love.