Proposal Planning 101 - Everything You Need for Your Event

The Must Have Proposal Planning Details

So - you’re going to pop the question! What an exciting, but potentially stressful time. There are SO many things that go into a proposal, especially when it comes to little details. I’ve put together some of my top proposal planning details to help outline everything you need for the big day!

Are you thinking an intimate and special proposal? Or an extravagant and over the top proposal? Either way - there are a few key things you should include:

Location. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? The city you first lived in? Or maybe the location you knew you wanted to spend forever with her! The location is such an easy, but key part of making this moment so special. Some locations are so gorgeous, they speak for themselves!

  1. The Florals. Flowers are a simple but beautiful way to add in some decor. You can easily decorate the area with a few rose petals leading up to the location or bouquets surrounding the room. Don’t get hung up on the idea of roses either- when it comes to the language of flowers there are so many gorgeous types that can get the message across.

  2. The People. Who’s going to be there!? Would she prefer it to just be you two for this magical moment? Or a flash mob in the heart of times square with thousands of people helping to make it happen. Maybe she’d prefer an intimate moment just the two of you when you get down on one knee, but have a celebration shortly afterwards with family and friends. This is definitely a crucial detail because it will involve having to time things out perfectly if you happen to be in public.

  3. The Ring Box. My favorite proposal detail ever! The ring, of course, is one of the key factors to the engagement, but another small detail that can be planned is the box holding it. This box can make a statement in the moment, or act as a timeless heirloom after the engagement. This also allows you to get creative- and I’ll even give you a free ideas here: Place the ring inside of a Geode ring box and go cave exploring. Place the ring down (in a place in front of you where you can see it!!) and point it out for her to pick up.

Check out our favorite Ring Box.

This moment will be one that you and your special somebody remember forever! Take each of these details and add your own romantic story to them to bring the proposal to life. If DIY isn’t your thing, head over to our proposal planning page to learn more about the proposal planning services we offer.

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