How To Create Your Own Proposal Idea

Being romantic is hard, being creative is even harder. 

If you haven’t already guessed, yes I have a Pinterest wedding planned for myself. My “Happily Ever After” board has 534 pins and 221 followers that I have collected over the years on my personal Pinterest. My favorite part about it is that I won’t be using any of those ideas when I get married. Not a single pin.

The reason I’ve been rambling on about my Pinterest addiction is because I want to stress the importance of little details, which are the most important part of planning proposals AND weddings. I used to scroll for hours down a Pinterest feed and pin something because I thought it looked “cute”. I was changing my non-existent wedding theme from Rustic, Shabby Chic, to modern about 50 times along the way. Nothing was cohesive or made sense together. 

As you’re writing down your proposal ideas, you too will begin to spiral down a rabbit hole of details that will take you from Disney World to picnics in parks. 

Should I incorporate family? Do I need a photographer? Where should I propose? How do I set up? 

It’s like peeling an onion, the more you brainstorm the more layers of details that come flying out and burn your eyes. I would want to cry too. 

Tip 1: Keep Your Thoughts Organized.

The most important tip I can give to anyone who is trying to come up with an idea is to keep your thoughts organized. Turn off the TV, unplug your headphones, get off Facebook  and zone in to your planning. If you’re distracted - your brain may take you 14 different directions you definitely did not want to go. We don’t want to start with a beach proposal idea and end up watching dogs surfing on Youtube. Don’t look up any inspiration on social media. Don’t Google “proposal locations”. Take a second and just jot down the most important details to the story you’re about to tell for this proposal. 

BONUS: I recommend downloading our free proposal planner if you haven’t already. This is the best worksheet to help you collect your thoughts and write down a structure for your ideas without getting off track. Plus it’s free! I love free stuff. 

Tip 2: Keep the details relevant.

Once you have a structure for your proposal idea, you can then start incorporating the little details into the plan. Now, remember where I mention keeping your thoughts organized? It was like 2 seconds ago, so do not let yourself go off track now that you’ve reached tip #2. 

The most important part when you plan the little details, is ensuring that they are relevant. Let’s say your thinking about planning a proposal on the beach (I love the beach if you haven’t noticed). You’re going to hypothetically invite family, hire a photographer, and bring your dog. Now, when you plan the little details you have to ensure that these also relevant to this beach scene you are creating. In other words, if she loves Paris don’t stick an Eiffel tower figurine in the sand. It makes no sense! If she is super energetic and loves working out, don’t propose on a yoga mat next to the ocean. 

There are ways to incorporate the unique details about your partner and your relationship while also making them relevant. If you want to incorporate her love for France into the proposal, set up a picnic and incorporate her favorite French cheese that you tried in Paris onto a cheeseboard. If she loves staying fit, take her to a sunrise yoga class the morning before the proposal. That all makes more sense, and is easier to incorporate in a cohesive way.

Tip 3: Lay out all the details together to tell the story

When you finally have your proposal structure and know the details you want to incorporate, the next step is to lay everything out in one place. If you haven’t already been to our Pinterest, I recommend going and looking at each of our proposal detail boards (check it out HERE).

In each of these boards, we lay out all of the little details for a proposal idea in a cohesive way. While you scroll through our beach proposal board, you can envision the entire proposal and details as if you were already there. That is what we are looking for with Tip #3. To clarify, you don’t have to create a Pinterest account for this step. Instead, take all of your ideas and try to find pictures for each one to create a vision board. Looking at all of these ideas together helps to bring your proposal to life, so you don’t have to feel unorganized or second guess yourself. It’s also the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything later!

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