5 Reasons Why It's Okay to Get Engaged After the Holiday Season

If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine this past December, it is probably full of engagement announcements. Everyone and their cousin is posting pictures of proposals, gorgeous rings, and there's lots of tears. 

Wanting to propose, or be proposed to, during the holiday season makes plenty of sense- the holidays make everything more romantic and magical. On top of this, being engaged during the holidays means you have to call way less people, and you can just show them all the ring in person at the family parties instead. 

Skipping ahead past all the positivity surrounding diamonds in a winter wonderland- for all of you who didn't get proposed to this holiday season, here are 5 reasons why getting engaged during every other season is just as magical.

1. You're not rushed.

Every year we think we are prepared for the holidays, and every single year we underestimate how untrue that actually is. If you plan on proposing to your partner during the holidays, on top of buying gifts, organizing your holiday party schedule, figuring out the family recipes for dinner, baking cookies, and getting your ugly sweater ready for the party you now have to buy a ring and plan an entire proposal. If that sounds stressful to you I'm here to offer my services to help :)

However, if you feel like you want plenty of time and don't work well under pressure waiting until after the holidays is totally okay too. Take your time planning out the little details and I promise that it will turn out just as special.

2. It is more of an announcement.

During the holidays, there is so much happening on social media that it is difficult to keep up with it all. If you want to make a big announcement about your soon to be engagement, posting about it during the holidays puts you at risk for becoming part of the background noise. Think about how exciting your post, or phone call, will be to family and friends when you tell them when nothing else is going on! 

3. You can avoid attention if you want to.

If getting attention is not your thing- becoming engaged during the holiday may not be for you. Family and friends are bound to be running and grabbing your ring the moment you want into any family gathering, and since its the holiday- there is no escape. If your partner proposes after the holidays, avoiding extra attention is definitely easier when you're only a phone call or Facebook "like" away.

4. There's more time to celebrate!

So you're engaged and you want to go celebrate at your favorite restaurant in NYC with your closest friends. If you're about to do that anytime near the month of December, finding reservations is a lot more difficult and rushed. Getting engaged after Christmas not only eliminates a bunch of obstacles involving crowds, but it can also makes things cheaper too!

5. More money for the proposal

Engagements are not cheap, and neither is Christmas. It's pretty obvious that getting engaged during this time can definitely put a dent in someone's wallet. If you're tight on money, waiting until after December is a great way to replenish the bank account before splurging on a dream ring. Still think you may be on a tight budget no matter what time of year? Check out my proposal packages- I'm currently the most affordable proposal planner on the market!