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As a previous “hopeless romantic”, all rom-coms made me cry. I didn’t just cry because of how unbelievably cheesy they were, but because of the attention to detail that went with storyline. Each story was so intricate, every detail having a purpose until the happily ever after. As a studious english student, I knew those details were all about symbolism- and metaphors were for novels not real life. 

Wrong. Hopefully I didn’t lose you there. Details are not just for novels. We pay attention to detail everyday- like making sure there’s no tomatoes on someone’s sandwich, ensuring the decimal is in the right place on account sheets, color coding your calendar events for your abundance of upcoming meetings or even just your spelling! Details are as big as knowing how to drive somewhere and as small as picking a bouquet of roses that look the freshest. We cannot operate companies, restaurants, or events without the little details. If you’re super attentive, you may have even noticed I don’t use the Oxford comma.

My mission is to redefine what romance is all about. We all have an intricate rom-com story of our own that deserves to highlight the symbolism. If you’re the type of person who pays attention to detail, chances are you’re looking for the same thing- no matter where your love story begins. Hell, I met my boyfriend on Tinder- but we have a hell of a love story to tell. Remember it’s not just the path, it’s the winding roads. 

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